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 The music released as Amulet (or The Amulet Edition) is Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson's semi-secret testament. Originally available in exceedingly limited quantities at live shows and via direct mail-order in 2008 as a hand-assembled 4 miniCDR set housed in a circular Thai Amulet case and never properly distributed, the material finally receives the wider re-release on vinyl and CD it so richly deserves.
Only the second and sadly already the final release in his post-Coil solo guise as The Threshold Houseboys Choir "Amulet" sees Christopherson in a more playful mood than ever, don't be fooled by reviews calling this suite of songs "incomplete" or "working stage", these are rough little diamonds, often imbued with a bittersweet melancholy joy, unsurprisingly reminiscent of some of the final Coil offerings, but additionally steeped in exotica, inspired by his new East Asian home and the ghostly voices of his digitally generated choir ("a vocalist that wouldn't crash", as he would say). At times these tracks sound like a warmer, less analytically complex counterpart to the work he created simultaneously with CoH's Ivan Pavlov in the celebrated Soisong project.
Bonus tracks feature rare earlier THBC compilation tracks and a few previously unreleased exclusive sketches. Let's be perfectly clear though, "Amulet" is not some half-finished cutting-room floor left-overs, it's a genuine but very little heard fully fledged album released by Christopherson with some of the tracks performed live on his last ever tour, the unforgettable intimate Evenings with Uncle Sleaz.
The Infinite Fog edition, presented as a 3LP in a triple heavy Gatefold sleeve and a 2CD Digipak, both including a poster of Peter Christopherson in his infamous Cruella Deville coat has been respectfully and expertly remastered by grammy-nominated Jessica Thompson. Artwork by Oleg Galay overseen and with additional guidance from "our man in Thailand" Peter Jenx.

CD1 :1
Be Happy 8:262
There And Back 4:403
The Day Moon Died 8:244
 Ikoreek 12:165
As X Is To Geff 5:306
The Hangman's Ball 10:487
Khun Cap Taxi 9:49--59:53

CD2 :
Distonto 12:029
Lowly Low 7:2410  
Cap Rot Taxi 8:0211  
So Young It Knows No Maturing 7:1712  
Mahil Athal Nadrach 5:5613  
Dirt Ride 4:5214 
 Dark End Sparse 5:0215  
Geff and Pete Experiment With Voice FX 7:50 16  
Moody Circles 1:2617  
Plick Pluck3:55 18 
Plink Plonk1:4019  
Screaming Itch9:15
Total: 134:27

Be Happy 8:261-2
There And Back 4:401-3
The Day Moon Died 8:24--21:30
Ikoreek 12:162
As X Is To Geff 5:30--17:46

The Hangman's Ball 10:483
Khun Cap Taxi 9:49--20:37
Distonto 12:024
Lowly Low 7:24--19:26

Cap Rot Taxi 8:02
So Young It Knows No Maturing 7:17
Mahil Athal Nadrach 5:56--21:15

Dirt Ride 4:52
Dark End Sparse 5:02  --


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