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Have very exciting project still on the go for 2012/13

Morphed studio
Cut leg
Cut leg


In the last few years I have been living a pretty non conventional life.
In these travels I have met some amazing singers, some who are basically street sleepers.
I made it my business to make tapes of some of these friends, going back to my street haunts with a mobile dat player
I intend to juxtapose these conventional almost nursery rhyme melodies with many other of the influences I stumble on.
I have had many years working with the latest tech, I now feel is a good time to investigate great melody in hopefully a new way.

I believe the time is right to try and explore good melody/mood again

and move away from Just bleep/squeeks and drones alone ( nice as they are)

I hope you follow me for this

The experiment is now released

The "art edition"release is on individually printed cds, with each cd having unique artwork only available on that one cd.

The artwork will be anything from obscure art from history to finished paintings by my family members To some of my personel photos of 20 years travelling or studio work- This I believe will allow a connection from creator to Listener, something lost too often.

Each numbered cd will be placed on a Special Page on the website so people can compare the releases, and hopefully appreciate the fact that small money can buy something unique.

Matthew Dunehoo Baby Teadrops has Performed a vocal on one of the songs to add to the whole arragement.

When I wasn't in Phnom Penh had been working hard with
Peter christopherson (R.I.P) In Bangkok, On the items listed on biog page plus some additional THBC/X-TG Programming/writing - X-TG's Desertshore -Now released Nov 2012
----X-TG- Desertshore----