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Svay Pak project - "Art Edition"


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Every cd disc bought will have unique artwork that only that disc possesses
so you will not be buying 1/100, BUT 1/1
In these days of mass corporation manufacture I like the idea of giving the buyer
something personal and unique.
The artwork will be personal to me in some way, be it family artwork or pictures from
personal adventures or something that caught my eye.
Each cd will be numbered and the relevant picture will be up on the “svay pak pictures” page for buyers
to compare releases I felt this was important for buyers supporting the cause

The price may seem slightly higher than a normal CD but please bear in mind each printed cd
is bespoke .

I understand committing can be difficult so for the next few weeks anybody purchasing the MP3 download
can upgrade to the cd and the cost of download will be deducted from final price

And with the work/time involved It takes time to create once ordered, Plus there will be no more than 150 made In this format.

Note most of the artwork by Ric and Zoe hyde as seen on cd disk art
is from scans of the Original paintings .
These original paintings can be purchased from their websites .

Ric Hyde
Zoe Hyde

See Bloggin page for more details of release

Svay Pak-cd edition
-CD £11.00
-DL £5.00